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The Man Crush Blog SocialiteA few announcements. You may see very few posts on the blog this week (May 9-15) but for a good reason – due to the growing popularity and  readership, The Man Crush Blog is getting a bit of an upgrade that will allow me to provide even more content to you including (but not limited to) videos posted directly to the blog, galleries that will make viewing the daily featured crushes even better and an improved overall layout for the blog. So, bear with me and the blog for a week as things get sorted out and pieced together behind the scenes and fear not because we’ll be making a grand, fabulous re-appearance if not later on in the week then definitely the week after. That being said, please visit the The Man Crush Tumblr for your daily need and fix for hot, half naked (well, sometimes fully naked) men.

With these changes, I’d like to start rolling out even more content on the blog that will make The Man Crush Blog one of your one-stop destinations for not only hot men but news and content about what’s going on in the community. So, I’m looking for Man Crush “Socialites.” Are you always out and about in your city? Do you know all about the latest parties, gay events, community news before anyone else? Then I’d like you to start contributing this news and mini posts. If you enjoy writing, blogging, being social and have an interest in reaching out to a huge audience, get in touch with me via E-mail at I’m especially interested in those living in the big hot spots like New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, D.C. and all the other major cities (including those outside of the States). Get in touch!

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Man Crush of the Day: Rugby player Sean Lamont

Sean LamontI willingly confess that I have a thing for rugby players. Sure, I don’t watch the sport, I think it’s a bit dull, but my goodness rugby players are among some of the world’s hottest men. Today’s crush is rugby player Sean Lamont. If you’re not into rugby or are in the States then it’s likely you’ve never heard of this hot piece of man candy.

Let’s talk about hunky Sean Lamont. First, he’s Scottish which means he has an awesome accent. Yes, like many, I’m a sucker for accents. British, Australian, Scottish, Irish and all the in betweens, a hot guy who comes equipped with an accent can just have his way with me. Now, the body. Oh, the glorious rugby player body – muscles, hair, fit, toned and a killer booty. Seriously, it can’t get any better. Now, I can’t speak for his skills as a rugby player but I can say his modeling is off the chain. He posed for the Dieux du Stade calendar back in 2007 and the world got to see quite a bit of him. I figured these photos would be a nice way to end the week.

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Sean Lamont

Man Crush of the Day: ‘The A-List: New York’ star TJ Kelly

TJ KellySo, a few ago I read that Logo had wisely renewed The A-List: New York. Thank goodness, because I feel like the only queer who can’t stand to watch all of those plastic surgery hack jobs and hags on the various Real Housewives shows but I do love the queens on display on The A-List. I was recently over on Logo’s site and looking at the page for the show and came to a startling realization: they (so far) have classified TJ Kelly as a sidekick. A SIDEKICK. I never noticed before because TJ is all over the show and his frank observations and candid opinions is probably what kept season 1 from being a total bore.

Let’s just be honest: TJ is probably more so a star as any of the guys on that show. Reichen spends every episode bitching and crying over how hard it is to be pretty and talent(less); I don’t even know what the hell Rodiney says and though he’s hot he’s pretty much a desperate housewife (or houseboy? I dunno, either way he’s annoying); I love past featured crush Derek Saathoff but apparently since the finale he and Austin are now best buddies. I mean, what the what?! They were AWESOME as bitchy adversaries and while I’m all for world peace and warm fuzzy feelings, these two being friends is as lame and disappointing as Alexis and Krystle on Dynasty being bosom buddies instead of slapping one another around and fighting in lily ponds. And Austin, ugh, what a mess of a human being. He wants to be a model but I’m so confused because he looks like Piglet from Winnie the Poo. And there are two other characters but I’m sorry, they’re like den mothers to the boys so by my logic and calculation, TJ is actually the show’s star because he floats in between and is always the one dishing out the best advice, the bitchiest comments and most witty comebacks and scalding put downs.

So for today and onward I’m tossing my crushin’ toward the hot ginger on the show, and Logo had better drop the whole “sidekick” gimmick. You can follow TJ on Twitter @TJKelly10, become a fan of his on Facebook and check out this website.

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TJ Kelly

Fluffer: Porn star Cody Cummings

Cody CummingsI use the word “star” sparingly for those taking part in porn but today’s crush definitely has earned the title of star. If you have no idea who Cody Cummings is, then seriously, gurl, where have you been? He’s probably one of the most desired men in porn. He’s buff, his muscles and abs will leave you in awe, the scruff he usually sports will have you fantasizing about feeling it brush against your skin; his penis will have you shivering with anticipation. If Sir Mix-A-Lot were writing this entry about Cody (and if he were queer, of course) he would probably proclaim that baby’s got back AND front. Seriously, Cody is an all-around hottie.

Cody is a bisexual porn star. I know, I know, if a guy dallys around with men we all declare that he must be gay. Well, if you check out Cody’s work you’ll see that he seems to thoroughly enjoy both genders and is just into sex. I mean, really into sex.

Run (don’t walk) over to our Tumblr today for even more revealing, NSFW, photos of him throughout today. For videos, photos and more information on Cody Cummings you can check out his website or follow him on Twitter @Cody_Cummings.

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Cody Cummings

Man Crush of the Day: Actor and choreographer Christian Vincent

Christian VincentWhen I first started this blog, Christian Vincent was definitely among the first who came to mind (no queer sex puns intended) to feature. Problem was that this hottie only seems to have photos from his stint on the now defunct Logo series Noah’s Arc. So, I’ve held off and finally came across enough photos to feature this piece of hotness.

Oh, Christian Vincent. The things I would do with and to him should just go unmentioned to keep this blog PG13. If you’re unaware of Christian, he played the rather sex-crazed Ricky in the series Noah’s Arc. You may also be unaware of what that show was and I’ll just sum it up as the black version of Queer as Folk. In it, his character Ricky was usually shirtless, having sex, scantily clad, unapologetic about his sexuality and just all sorts of goodness.

Christian himself is from Canada. He’s a dancer and choreographer who’s worked with such artists as Madonna, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Shakira and Gloria Estefan (to name a few us queers would know and scream over. Besides being a big dancer and choreographer he’s also an actor and his credits include television (The George Lopez Show, Baywatch, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and movies. Multi-talented and has a killer body to show off? Uh, Christian Vincent, marry me please! I’ll even spring for the tickets to Vermont.

You can keep up with Christian by visiting his website, becoming a fan of his Facebook page or following him on Twitter @CJDevi.

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Man Crush of the Day: Model Jared Koronkiewicz

Jared KoronkiewiczDark blond, 6’2″, 40 inch chest, 32 inch waist, size 10 shoe – no, I’m not describing my weekend jump off but instead today’s featured crush, model Jared Koronkiewicz. This model from upstate New York and of Polish origin isn’t new to the scene but he’s been a favorite of blogs and sites all over the net and now it’s our turn to crush on him.

As you can tell by the montage of heart palpitation-inducing pics below, he’s rocked different looks: the long haired sexy Jesus one (as I call it) and the buzzed hair brooding bad boy. The long hair is cute but my gawd, give me the slightly hairy, “don’t take him home to mother but damn it, get in my bed” version. It’s definitely what caught my eye and had my jaw and other clothing items dropping to the floor.

If you want to keep up with this stud, join his Facebook group. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sketch little hearts and arrows in my journal as I scribble “Antoine Koronkiewicz” all over and start planning our future together.

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Jared Koronkiewicz

Jacked: Choosing When to Run

choosing when to runIt’s probably the most common question when it comes to running – when’s the best time to run? We really complicate a simple activity. For most, running is a way to lose weight or stay fit. Some say you should run the moment you wake up each morning, on an empty stomach, because you’ll burn more calories. For others, late in the day when the temperature is at its warmest because it’ll improve your performance and you’ll magically lose more weight. For others, it’s not so much a question of the time of day but how often to run. Some feel that they must run 7 days a week because skipping just one day will set you back. For others, they stick to running 3 days a week or every other day, allowing their body and muscles a day in between to recuperate. So, what’s the right answer? Well …

The best time to run is when you feel like it.

That’s probably not what you expected to hear. “When you feel like it” sounds like a bad excuse. Truly, if you want to get something out of your run, something beyond tearing through a few hundred calories, you need to run when you are mentally prepared for it and physically ready to take on running. Too often people run ‘just because’. They run out of obligation: they’ve started running, they’ve lost some weight from it, have gloated to their friends and family that they’re now a “real” runner and so not being seen out running would ruin their reputation and lead to tons of weight gain. Or, people run because they consider it a chore – it’s something they’ve done for so long that there’s no real enjoyment out of it, it’s just one of those things he/she must do because they’ve done it out of habit for so long.

Stop. Don’t turn running into a chore, an excuse, or obligation. Run because you WANT to run. This approach will definitely change your relationship with running. First, running will be less of a task to get through each day and become more of an activity for pleasure and fun. I know that for some, running is a sport. They like competing in marathons, they want to be able to run 20 miles in a day – running is a job for them and there’s little time for kidding around. I don’t think this approach for everyone. It’s intimidating to think that being a runner means you absolutely must be able to run 16 miles in 3 or 4 hours, that if you’re not training for a big race you’re wasting your time, that running is a hardcore task and there’s no pleasure in it.

Again, STOP. I’ve been running since 2008 and for me, running has never been about training for a big race. People ask what I’m training for and I just tell them outright for nothing or ‘for life’. It’s an odd answer but it gets me through. I don’t have a set number of miles I’d like to run each week – definitely more than 3, but I’ve found the more miles over30 (about 6 miles between 5-6 days) means I’m going from running for fun to running for sport, and that sucks the life and pleasure out of the activity. I run when I feel like it, and the weather or time of day really doesn’t seem to matter much.

There are a few factors I do take into account when running or choosing when to run: I don’t like running on an empty stomach. You need fuel, just like a vehicle, to perform at your best. Running on an empty stomach means you’re already not running at your best – you’re running with depleted energy. At times, I even indulge a bit before running – I’ll have a cookie, will eat something that’s not particularly healthy – because I know that by running, I’ll be able to use the sugar to improve my performance and I’ll be tearing through the fat and calories during the run. As for time of day, personally, I prefer earlier times. The later in the day I run, the more I seem worn down by work and the run becomes another task to check off my list instead of something for fun. Plus, in the spring and summer months, I have more people to deal with out running later in the day and hotter temperatures.

The point of running should be for the sake of getting outside, having fun, enjoying nature or giving your chance to unwind and be to yourself without the usual distractions. Only you will know when the right time to run is. It’s based on your preference of temperature, traffic where you run and really, what you hope to get out of your run. Above all, I think as long as you’re getting out and are running period, nothing else really matters. Running is a big commitment and you’ll get tons of benefits from doing it. Figure out how to keep it fun and pleasurable and you’ll definitely keep with it all year round.

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Gregg Homme introduces Boytoy Collection

In celebration of yet another week, and soon to be month, gone by I figured we should end on a hot and steamy note. Each week The Man Crush Blog has been introducing you to the latest and hottest trends in underwear. Sure, we wear them under our clothes and they’re only seen by us in the mirror somedays or by others for special occasions but let’s face it – your underwear is a fashion statement. Remember when your mother would warn you to always change your underwear because you never know who might see them? If you’re a gay male, or heck, even straight, the same rings true the older you get. Sexy underwear can make a man and though you may pay a premium for a skimpy pair of undies it’ll often pay off when the clothes come off in the bedroom.

That being said, you’re getting a sneak peek at Gregg Homme’s new 2011 collection! Gregg Homme is a creative genius when it comes to crafting underwear that pushes a few buttons and gets one hot under the collar. When approaching design, Gregg Homme often aims to explore the part of the male personality pretaining to secret desires and fantasies. This latest collection flirts and provokes as it uses materials with wet or rubber looks. Here’s what the company had to say about Boytoy, its latest collection:

“The new BOYTOY collection will enchant everyone with its bright colors and its “liquid” high luminous reflectivity, the FUEL and WEAPON will charm the most obscure side of men with its manly twist while the AFTERHOUR will take everyone by surprise with its most revealing transparencies.  Organic cottons lovers will simply adore the comfort of the VOLUMATOR with its removable soft shell padding, for an eternal visual impact.”

You can check out model Thierry Pepin in the pics below and if you’re interested in adding some of these undies to your collection, check out Gregg Homme’s website. You can also follow them on Twitter @GreggHomme or become a fan of their Facebook page.

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Gregg Homme 2011 Boytoy

Man Crush of the Day: Nikita Bogolyubov

Nikita BogolyubovIt’s another week so let’s kick things off with the usual Monday model, shall we? Today’s featured crush is actually an aspiring actor who also happens to model. Nikita Bogolyubov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. On his ModelMayhem profile he states that he plans on using niceness, professionalism and tenacity to be a success. That’s rather crush worthy in my opinion considering how many models and actors seem to have few standards when it comes to finding success.

Here’s a part of his bio from his website and ModelMayhem profile:

“His goal is to bring his innate boyish charm to masses everywhere. Nothing brings him more joy than to influence directly people’s entertainment level. But do not be mistaken, this is not just some “love of the art” adventure for him. Looking at the fundamentals of his marketing background, he understands that it is also about money in the end. By aligning his goals of entertaining people, and the goals of producers, there is a great satisfaction for him to put “butts into seats.””

You can check out his website for more information and pics here, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Nikita Bogolyubov

Man Crush of the Day: Actor Josh Henderson

Josh HendersonSo, you know I was absolutely devastated to hear that the powers-that-be at ABC decided to give the boot to All My Children and One Life To Live. I mean, what the hell? What’s going to happen to all those hot, hard bodied muscle men who look pretty shirtless but can’t act there ways out of a toilet stall? What will become of One Life to Live‘s Ford brothers and their glorious abs and muscles? It’s all rather depressing because it points to the fact that the soap opera genre as we know it is pretty much on its dying legs. There are a few glimmers of hope, one of them being the return of an old primetime soap: Dallas!

Oh gosh, I love myself some Dallas. I own all the seasons on DVD and just completed my collection with the recently released Dallas: The Movies collection. I mean, crazy J.R. Ewing taught me how to be a ruthless business savvy bastard with little regard to those around me; Sue Ellen taught me how to be a lush with bitchy, witty comebacks; Pam taught me how to be needy and absolutely useless at the same time. So I’m very excited that this old show is coming back and bringing forth a great cast including the one and only Josh Henderson. Oh, Josh. How I’ve missed you and that sick body of yours. The blond hair; the pouty lips; the abs; the v-cut Apollo’s belt. You may recognize Josh from his stint on Desperate Housewives where he played Edie’s nephew who knocked up Bree’s daughter Danielle. He’s appeared elsewhere since his days on Wisteria Lane but this is his first big starring role. He’ll be playing J.R.’s son John Ross. Now, having watched the show, it’s hard to believe scrawny John Ross would ever evolve into hunkalicious Josh Henderson but I’m willing to suspend belief, and my pants, just for him.

You can follow Josh on Twitter @joshbhenderson and on Facebook.

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Josh Henderson