Man Crush of the Day: Actor and choreographer Christian Vincent

Christian VincentWhen I first started this blog, Christian Vincent was definitely among the first who came to mind (no queer sex puns intended) to feature. Problem was that this hottie only seems to have photos from his stint on the now defunct Logo series Noah’s Arc. So, I’ve held off and finally came across enough photos to feature this piece of hotness.

Oh, Christian Vincent. The things I would do with and to him should just go unmentioned to keep this blog PG13. If you’re unaware of Christian, he played the rather sex-crazed Ricky in the series Noah’s Arc. You may also be unaware of what that show was and I’ll just sum it up as the black version of Queer as Folk. In it, his character Ricky was usually shirtless, having sex, scantily clad, unapologetic about his sexuality and just all sorts of goodness.

Christian himself is from Canada. He’s a dancer and choreographer who’s worked with such artists as Madonna, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Shakira and Gloria Estefan (to name a few us queers would know and scream over. Besides being a big dancer and choreographer he’s also an actor and his credits include television (The George Lopez Show, Baywatch, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and movies. Multi-talented and has a killer body to show off? Uh, Christian Vincent, marry me please! I’ll even spring for the tickets to Vermont.

You can keep up with Christian by visiting his website, becoming a fan of his Facebook page or following him on Twitter @CJDevi.

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