Man Crush of the Day: Tennis star Novak Djokovic

Novak DjokovicThis is a first – a tennis-star crush! Ok, I don’t watch tennis. I don’t play it. But I don’t mind the sport so much when fit guys like Novak Djokovic puts on a bit of a show by beating the competition and ripping off his shirt for all to marvel at his un-manscaped chest. I like exposing everyone to guys from all over the world so this one comes from Serbia.

Novak’s won two Grand Slam singles titles (I know something else, or shall I say someone else, he can grand slam if he’s looking for a third title) and the Australian Open championships in 2008 and 2011. He’s the youngest player in the open era to have reached the semi-finals stage of all four Grand Slam events. He’s defeated another crush-worthy player – Roger Federer – multiple times in the Grand Slam tournaments. Really, that’s all there is to him. He’s hot. He plays tennis. He gets sweaty and rips off his shirt. What more is there to say? If you’d l like to learn more about him you can visit his website, official Facebook page and on Twitter @ndjokovic.

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Novak Djovic

Man Crush of the Day: Actor Armie Hammer

Armie HammerSo, I feel like the only person who hasn’t seen The Social Network and really I have no desire to see the film. The story of Facebook – scandal, deceit, betrayal! Uh, no thanks, I watch soap operas for that and won’t pay $8.00 to watch a motion picture about something I can Google. A couple weeks ago I featured The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield and his Details spread and while I think he’s cute, the real shining star of the film (in my view) is Armie Hammer. He played the Winklevoss twins (yes, both of them) and oh, what a gorgeous man. I caught the real twins on 60 Minutes a while back and they’re pretty hot but my gosh, so is Armie Hammer.

Armand Douglas “Armie” Hammer is a descendant of the guy who founded the whole Arm & Hammer brand but he’s not just one of those folks who’s tried to profit off the name alone (like, say, Paris Hilton). He’s made quite a name for himself as an actor and has had television appearances in shows ranging from Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Reaper and Veronica Mars. He’s been in other films besides The Social Network including Flicka, Billy: The Early Years (about Billy Graham), Blackout and will be starring in the upcoming film J. Edgar alongside (barf) Leonard DiCaprio. There’s a lot that I like about Armie Hammer from his sense of humor to the dreamy boy-next-door look and the un-manscaped chest hair … well anyways, I can’t wait to see him getting a bit queer with his J. Edgar role. If only he was paired with someone equally as hot and not rat-faced looking like Leonard DiCaprio.

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Armie Hammer

Man Crush of the Day: Model Bryan Solus

Bryan SolusSo it’s Valentine’s Day and I figured for all of us single men (and ladies) out there, we deserved our candy and hot guy just like everyone else. So I racked my brain trying to figure out who I should feature today. I didn’t want to go with the expected but I wanted someone who was truly crush worthy. Then it was as if God himself heard me because as I was scrolling through my Twitter followers I came across this hot model.

Bryan Solus (or Bryan So-lust as I’ve started calling him in my mind) is a hot model based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon first glance I had one comment: why the heck isn’t this guy all over the place? I mean, billboards, magazines, the cover of fitness magazines. I need talent scouts and Hollywood to snatch him up and put him all up in  our face like they did with Zac Efron or that annoying kid with the abs from Twilight. Bryan has muscles; he has the tattoos; he has that bad boy look that makes you want to get into some trouble with him. I checked out his Facebook profile and to my delight he actually stated he’s interested in men and women. Oh yes, equal opportunity! On his ModelMayhem profile he states that his goal is to get featured in magazines and he’s willing to try any new concepts or ideas but draws the line at nudes. Dang it! But still, he seems willing to show us enough to make up for that one caveat. So, I’m all for this guy blowing up and becoming a high profile model. If you’ve enjoyed this eye candy, follow him on Twitter @bmsolus or check him out on Facebook.

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Bryan Solus

Fluffer: Fabscout’s newest model, Alex Rock

Alex RockFabscout’s probably known for finding some of the hottest guys and helping to turn them into some of the Internet’s hottest sensations. Thanks to the power of Twitter Alex Rock was brought to my attention. Now, there really aren’t enough pics to make this into one of the usual “Man Crush of the Day” posts but Alex came off as a likable guy and shared some of his pics with me with the permission to feature him on the blog. So here’s a little news piece to get you through Sunday and our second “Fluffer” feature.

Alex, like me, is from North Carolina (Asheville area to be more exact). He’s bisexual and describes himself as, “23. Southern Boy. LOVE the beach. Hobbies include hiking, traveling, shopping, fishing, swimming, working out and of course fine dining.” He’s currently studying to be a health inspector. I definitely have a few things he can inspect and after checking out his pics, I wouldn’t mind inspecting a bit more of him. You can follow him on Twitter @AlexRockxxx and to see a few NSFW, uncensored, revealing pics of him, trot on over to our Tumblr blog.

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Alex Rock

Fluffer: M2 Lubricants

Thanks to Twitter and other factors, I had the chance to win a sample of a new product I thought you all would enjoy – lube! It seemed like a great way to introduce a new section of the blog: “Fluffer.” Fluffer will be little news items and miscellaneous tid bits of information that will prep you for the day ahead. Since it’s the weekend and knowing all the debauchery that takes place, today’s “Fluffer” seemed timely since many of you guys may be preparing for a night of partying in and out of the clubs.

M2 LubricationM2 Lubricants is a relatively new product that just launched this year. CEO Leslie Sebastian noted that his reasons for launching the product was to not only support same-sex marriage but to support the LGBT community in general. In a press release Sebastian says, “From the beginning, supporting same-sex marriage has been one of our core beliefs. When Proposition 8 passed in California, we were so saddened – and committed to do something then and there to fight that hatred and bigotry.” He also goes on to say, “We’re also anti-bullying, support the rights of gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly, and care deeply about making our communities safe for everyone.”

I think we often hear about (and try to boycott) those companies and products that are anti-LGBT but rarely do we recognize those that are doing some good and are on “our” side. You may be wondering how a lube or company like this helps the LGBT community beyond making sex a bit more pleasurable. Well, M2 Lubricants donates 20% of their gross profits to non-profits with pro-gay agendas. Personally, I like companies like this. Let’s face it – sex sales. Condoms, lubes, sex toys like the Fleshjack and all that other stuff are probably not feeling much of this recession and are netting a profit. It’s nice to know that while a company like M2 Lubrication is making a profit off our hormones getting in a tizzy and sex, it’s also returning a portion of those profits back into the community which is in turn making a positive difference.

A little “fluff” about the lube:
It’s designed for anal and vaginal penetration (so it’s for you bisexual or straight men who are wandering onto Man Crush. HEY!), sex toys, self pleasuring and all the other sexual acts in between. It’s made with two formulations: Unification (made with four distinct silicones) and Invigoration (water-based, so it’d be safe to use with that popular Fleshjack product). It’s made in the USA (woot-woot) in an FDA-approved facility. All of M2’s products are made cruelty-free, paraben-free and are 100% guaranteed.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product (which you should be) then head on over to its website You can also follow the company on Twitter @M2Lube or on Facebook. For the month of February they are giving away free lube to some of their Twitter followers and Facebook fans so definitely connect and say hello to them.

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Man Crush of the Day: Adult film star Jayden Grey

Jayden GreyIt’s Friday and as Madea would say, hallelu-yur! I figured the best way to end the work week is with a naughty-crush. As you know, Twitter is packed with adult film stars. At times I wonder who’d be on Twitter if these guys (and girls) weren’t there tweeting about the scenes they were shooting, the traveling they do and all that thrilling porn “star” living they do. One of those must-follow personalities is Jayden Grey. Now, looking at him, you probably get more of a guy next-door type and for me, that makes him appealing. One of the criticism I hear from visitors of this site and our Tumblr is that they can’t imagine actually running into these guys out in real life. Well, I can easily see myself running into a guy like Jayden and can also see me going all private dick as I’d stare him down and watch his every move until he was out of viewing distance. But that’s just me.

He got into porn just because he liked watching it so decided he should make money doing it. I think that’s pretty ingenious – shouldn’t we all be making money doing something we feel connected to and like? He’s from Iowa and embraces his Southern-boy tendencies. If you follow him on Twitter, you know he’s quite entertaining and can be a bit of a firecracker. Check out his website and Follow him on Twitter @JaydenGrey.

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Jayden Grey

Man Crush of the Day: Fashion model Dionisio “D.O.” Heiderscheid

Dionisio HeiderscheidHappy hump day and boy, do I have a crush that’ll definitely put you in a humping mood. A couple weeks ago when I featured porn star Kennedy Carter I came across a photo taken from a scene he filmed with a guy I wasn’t familiar with who went by “D.O.” So, I did some searching and saw that this guy is a bit of a porn superhero. He’s from Argentina and is actually a fashion model … who also does porn. Doesn’t that sound like the great setup for a Lifetime or Hallmark movie? When he’s doing fashion, he goes by his full name, Dionisio Heiderscheid; when he’s doing adult films, he goes by D.O. I’m always curious what certain male models look like in the buff considering most takes pics of themselves nearly nude to begin with. Well, I guess I don’t have to guess with this guy and lemme tell you … he does not disappoint! I wouldn’t mind a little foreign exchange with him! You can check out his blog or follow him on Twitter. If you’re interested in seeing more of this guy, as in some racier photos that aren’t safe for work, click on over to our Tumblr page.

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Dionisio Heierscheid

Glee: ‘The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle’ Quotes

Glee Thriller/Heads Will RollQuotes from the special post-Super Bowl episode, “Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle” (episode 11 of season 2).

“Maybe you’ll think it’s cooler when I go all “Tik Tok” on your face.” — Puck

“Here I am 31 and already a legend; what will I do as a second act?” — Sue Sylvester

“I know I try to make it a habit of not touching carnie folk but fella, I’ll take it!” — Sue Sylvester

Will: “Do you trust me?”
Coach Beiste: “You aren’t going to try to kiss me again are you?”

“If I have to stay I’m not singing anything show tunes; that’s the music of my oppressors.” — Black football player

“Fine. As offended as I am by their presence here I won’t let anything get in the way of a performance.” — Rachel

“I was gonna donate my Chevy Cruise to Charity. Charity is my cat – she totaled our SUV last weekend.” — Brittany

“Ladies, my Sue-clear weapon.” — Sue Sylvester

“I don’t want to die yet. At least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled.” — Brittany

Figgins: “But the risk and danger aren’t to you!”
Sue: “That’s the best part!”

“And the glee club together with the football team was like a double rainbow. A zombie double rainbow.” — Brittany

Katie Couric: “In the voting you beat out the following losers: the economy; Mel Gibson; the housing market; Dina Lohan; Wall Street; Tiger Woods; the Dallas Cowboys; Brett Farve’s cell phone; 9 percent unemployment and Spark Lohan who is Dina Lohan’s dog and apparently … also a loser. How do you cope with this?”
Sue Sylvester: “I’ve been drinking a lot of bleach.”

Katie Couric: “Thoughts?”
Sue Sylvester: “I hate you Diane Sawyer.”

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Man Crush of the Day: New York Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez

Mark SanchezToday’s the Super Bowl – are you guys (and gals) ready for some football?! Ok, let me confess … I have no interest in the Super Bowl. I have no idea of the two teams involved, nor do I care much of the outcome. The only thing I know is that Lea Michele is singing at some point, and so is Christina Aguilera … and then there’s a whole new episode of Glee airing afterwards. I know, I’m really holding up the banner for the stereotype of clueless gays and sports. There is one thing I really do like about football: the hot men! So in the spirit of this American pastime and the big event I chose a super hot quarterback Mark Sanchez as today’s featured crush.

Funny how I came to select him. I was on Twitter (as I usually am) and saw the story come up that he’s involved in a bit of a scandal. He allegedly had sex with some 17 year old girl who of course has made a media event out of it. At first I thought to myself, “If I had the opportunity to hook up with a hot guy like Mark Sanchez I’d NEVER tell.” But then I thought about it … oh hellz to the yes, I wouldn’t shut up about it! I mean, this guy is hot but he’s more along the lines of adorable. Like, he should star in one of those cheesy 1990s teen flicks where you spend the whole movie going “aw, when are they gonna kiss?” cute. So, I really don’t care much about the scandal or this girl who’s making a big deal about allegedly sleeping with him, it’s all about the hotness that is Mark Sanchez. You can follow him on Twitter @Mark_Sanchez and please … if you’re lucky enough to have him touchdown in your end field, try not to go blabbing about it to the whole Internet. Just fill me in on the details!

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Mark Sanchez

Man Crush of the Day: ‘One Life to Live’ star David A. Gregory

David A. GregoryI remember flipping through the channels one summer afternoon in 2009 and coming across the muscled hunk on the ABC soap One Life to Live. It was a scene that looked like it was straight out of a late night Cinemax movie. There was innocent Langston walking by a window and she looks outside to catch Ford, played by the super hunky David A. Gregory, showering and washing himself off outside. The scene showed the water flowing down his massive pecs, streaming down his rippling abs and showed him just totally oblivious to the fact that he was being eye f*cked by a goo-goo eyed Langston. From then on I’ve been an avid viewer of this soap and fan of David Gregory who just seems larger than life with his Spartan-like muscles and body.

You’ll probably be surprised to know that David has a slight connection to Levi Johnson and Sarah Palin – he’s from Alaska! Born in 1985, he grew up knowing he wanted to be an actor and considers Jerry Lewis as a childhood idol. He went to college, graduated but went seven months with no work until he landed the role of Robert Ford on One Life to Live. Seriously, once you see this guy shirtless you’ll be a soap fan too because you’ll probably be taking many cold showers to get over the heat wave that’ll hit you. Check out hot pics of David below.

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David A. Gregory