Matt Gutman, Heating Up ABC World News

I have to say, since Diane Sawyer took over the anchor chair of ABC’s World News, I’ve been tuning it a lot more often. Then I got another reason to watch – Matt Gutman. Where the heck did ABC recruit this guy from? Seriously, he looks like he was ripped from the cover of Men’s Health or Muscle & Fitness.  It’s like Christmas when this guy comes on to report about something – he has that stereotypical immaculate dark news anchor hair, a nice build to him, wears the tightest shirts he can find. Wooh, heat wave! I feel like Blanche from The Golden Girls whenever ABC drags him out of hiding. Here’s a few screen captures from his report on the oil crisis in Louisiana. The story was depressing … but Matt Gutman left me more than hot and bothered! MORE MATT GUTMAN, ABC, GIVE ME MORE!

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