Man Crush of the Day: Nikita Bogolyubov

Nikita BogolyubovIt’s another week so let’s kick things off with the usual Monday model, shall we? Today’s featured crush is actually an aspiring actor who also happens to model. Nikita Bogolyubov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. On his ModelMayhem profile he states that he plans on using niceness, professionalism and tenacity to be a success. That’s rather crush worthy in my opinion considering how many models and actors seem to have few standards when it comes to finding success.

Here’s a part of his bio from his website and ModelMayhem profile:

“His goal is to bring his innate boyish charm to masses everywhere. Nothing brings him more joy than to influence directly people’s entertainment level. But do not be mistaken, this is not just some “love of the art” adventure for him. Looking at the fundamentals of his marketing background, he understands that it is also about money in the end. By aligning his goals of entertaining people, and the goals of producers, there is a great satisfaction for him to put “butts into seats.””

You can check out his website for more information and pics here, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Nikita Bogolyubov

Man Crush of the Day: Retired soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata

Hidetoshi NakataLast year Calvin Klein introduced its X underwear line and ran one heck of a promotion campaign featuring some of the hottest male celebs. Last week I featured Mehcad Brooks who was part of the promotion and this week I’m bringing attention to Hidetoshi Nakata. Hidetoshi is a retired soccer (or should I say football) player and is one of the most famous Asian soccer/football players of modern times. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for this hot underwear campaign I wouldn’t even be aware of him.

Hidetoshi has an awesome body, as you’ll notice below. Outside of soccer he has an interest in fashion. Back in 2007 he appeared in a big spread for the U.S. version of GQ magazine. I’ve got my own spread I’d like to feature him in, or should I say on, but I digress. Check out these hot pics of him below and add him to your list of crush-worthy obsessions.

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Hidetoshi Nakata

Man Crush of the Day: Frédérick Bousquet

Frédérick BousquetSo, spring is here (though it really hasn’t felt like it in the past few weeks) and that means we’ll start seeing a lot more skin and guys showing off. One of my favorite sports to watch is swimming. I mean, where else can you sit back and watch hot, lean mean get all wet and practice their strokes? Today’s crush is Frédérick Bousquet who’s the culmination of all the things I like: a swimmer, French, a bad boy, tattoos. I mean, seriously, can we import this guy?

Though I believe I’ve seen him in action long ago and during the Olympics, he didn’t land on my radar until recently when I came across photos leaked from a cyber sex session he had with someone. Let’s just say there’s really little left to the imagination now when it comes to Frédérick and I wouldn’t mind going a few laps with him or helping him perfect his stroke.

To see some NSFW pics of what lies beneath those speedos, check out the Tumblr page throughout the day.

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Frederick Bousquet

Fluffer: Kason King

Kason KingWe’re half way through another work week which means things are heating up here at The Man Crush Blog with another slightly naughty selection. Kason King is from Australia and you folks should know how I love my Aussies. Kason is a young, fit, hot little thing from Brisbane and if you’re on Twitter, it’s likely that you’ve cum, ahem, I mean have come across him.

He’s not at all shy about showing some skin (and much more than that if you find him on Xtube) and definitely is on my “must follow” list. He has aspirations of breaking into the porn industry but due to being in Australia, he’s faced something of an uphill battle getting on the radar. He’s what some may consider a twink with his body type but personally I think he’s cute and an entertaining guy to get to know.

You can see (a lot) more of him by visiting his website or by following him on Twitter @KasonKing.

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Kason King

Man Crush of the Day: Model Sebastien Vachon

Sebastein VachonI love how Twitter brings hot guys to one’s attention with ease. While exchanging some tweets with past crush Derek Allen Watson I was alerted of another male model that should be on my (and your) radar – Sebastien Vachon. This fit, toned, tanned 6’2″ guy has one heck of a torso, in my opinion. He’s from Montreal and has worked with photographers including Rick Day, Paul Reitz and McKenzie James (to name a few).

Check out a few of his photos below. You can follow him on Twitter @Sebastien_V or become a fan of his on Facebook. You can also check out more pics from his portfolio over at ModelMayhem.

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Sebastein Vachon

Man Crush of the Day: Model Charlie Scherer

Charlie SchererAnother Monday means it’s another hot model you should be aware of. Today’s crush comes from Vegas and after taking a look at his photos you’ll definitely be feeling a bit lucky. Charlie Scherer’s modeling credits include Barneys New York  (Interactive Model – Fall/Winter line), Jimicto Clothing line commercial and  Spring/Summer line 2011, and a spread in Qvegas Feb 2011. Personally I think Charlie’s cute innocent “boy next door” look is what sets him apart in the crowded male model market filled with all the rugged, dark exotic types that seem to be “in” right now. He’s also among the few models that seems to enjoy interacting with his fans, making him even more crush worthy.

You can check out more of his portfolio and work at ModelMayhem or follow him on Twitter @CharlieVegas_.

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Charlie Scherer

Fluffer: Porn actor Dayton O’Connor

Dayton O'ConnorEverybody – meet my new boyfriend, Dayton O’Connor. Well, not really, but a guy can dream! Dayton is one of those guys who for some reason doesn’t get the attention and respect he deserves. The list of things I like about Dayton is long and gush-worthy like another feature on him; he has an awesome body, he’s hot, he maintains his own blog so he’s literate, he has a rockin’ smile and let’s not even get into his skill or technique.

After checking out his interview a while ago with Unzipped magazine, it’s really hard not to like Dayton and to swoon all over him. In it, he revealed that due to his family having been poor it’s made him quite humble. He likes interacting with his fans, as evidence constantly via his blog or on Twitter. Some other interesting things learned about Dayton through this interview: he’s turned on by spit and aggression during sex, he names his cock and eyes as his best features, he’s into the outdoors and likes older men. I think Dayton is one of those must-follow people on Twitter and you can do so by connecting with him via @DaytonOConnor. You can also check out his blog by clicking here. Sure, the pics below are a bit of a tease but if you’d like to see a lot more of Dayton, stop over at our Tumblr blog throughout today for more NSFW, revealing pics of him.

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Dayton O'Connor

Man Crush of the Day: Denver Bronco’s Eric Decker

Eric DeckerYou ever go to the gym with the intention to workout but find yourself busy watching other hotter guys work out? Yeah, it happens to best of us. I came across this photo of Denver Bronco’s wide receiver Eric Decker working out and could only imagine trying not to stare if I saw him out in public. This is one hot guy. Sure, football season has come and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t all wish for a little touchdown action in our end zones or that we wouldn’t be willing to go wide for a guy like Eric. Or maybe that’s just me.

Eric was born March 15, 1987 and is probably our first crush to come out of Minnesota. He played college football and baseball. Boy, this guy loves him some balls. Either way, I love watching me some Eric Decker. Can’t say that I care for football much or understand it but there’s little to understand when it comes to accepting that he’s hot and worth crushing on. You can become a fan of his via Facebook and follow him on Twitter @E_Decker. You can also visit his website by clicking here.

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Eric Decker

Fluffer: Porn’s Tyler Torro

Tyler TorroOh no … The Man Crush Blog’s going … straight?! Not exactly – but our hump-day “fluffer” for the day is slightly heterosexual. It’s the very hot and ripped Tyler Torro. This guy is probably known more for his abs and near perfect body than he is for his body of porn work, though that’s nothing short of amazing as well. This pillar of hotness stands at 6’1″and is just pure muscle and sex. When he’s not working it for the cameras he’s training in the gym and is a personal trainer. Oh Mr. Tyler, I think I need working out! I don’t mind getting into compromising positions and breaking a sweat! He’s done both straight and gay porn making him a non-discriminatory crush since he spreads the love on both sides of the aisle. You can follow him on Twitter @tylertorroxxx.

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Tyler Torro

Man Crush of the Day: Model Dominic Figlio

Dominic FiglioRemember that old gem of a reality show Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency that aired on Oxygen? Then you’ll recognize today’s crush: one of her breakout male model discoveries, Dominic Figlio. Dominic appeared in the second season of Janice’s show and has remained rather busy in the world of modeling and from taking a look at his physique, that’s really no surprise.

Dominic has appeared in many ad campaigns including one for 2(xist) underwear, which he definitely makes look good. He’s originally from Northridge, California and Janice chose him as one of her models because she felt he was well proportioned. When asked how he stays in shape he mentions how cardio is the key and that he stays active by playing tons of sports including swimming, wakeboarding, snowboarding and tennis. Check out more of his modeling pics at this Major Model portfolio. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have jumped onto the social media wagon much but does have a Twitter account that hasn’t been updated in ages. Maybe if all you eager and horny little crushes start following him @Dominicfiglio it’ll convince him to start back up.

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Dominic Figlio